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Today and every Friday is “Wear Red” day in honor of all those deployed. I think that’s a nice tradition.

This morning I had the weekly “big breakfast” (eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits and gravy, etc.). It is a fund raiser, and residents contribute $3 each. I probably will have cereal and juice most of the time, though. I’m going to try to not eat too much!

After breakfast, volunteer Mary Ann took care of most of my “honey-do” jobs. She even removed the tow bar from the front of my car and the little propane tank from the trunk, both of which are quite heavy. The only thing she couldn’t do was to check the roof air conditioner for leaks. The contract maintenance man came to do a preliminary check of it. He will return next week to open it up to see what the problem is. I hope it is something simple, such as merely a stopped up drain hose. Whatever it is, I’ll have to get it repaired. Summertime is just around the corner.

About mid-morning I had my session with the nurse to take care of paperwork and learn about procedures and such. Then I saw the business manager who gave me my invoice and set up my laundry and housekeeping schedules. All this required more paperwork, of course. I think that’s all now.

The volunteer coordinator gave me the Wi-Fi information and password. Because I’m right behind the building, I am the only resident who can access it with no problem. None of the others can. I was relieved that I don’t have to select a provider. That’s another unexpected blessing.

This afternoon we had our weekly root beer float treats. That’s another thing that won’t help my waistline! I’ll have to work extra hard on the exercise machines to make up for it, I guess. There are several machines now which CARE didn’t have when I was here before. That’s good. There’s a pool elsewhere in the park where water aerobics are held but, unfortunately, I won’t be able to participate in that because I’m allergic to chlorine.

My last business of the day was to go to the mailing center to discontinue my mail-forwarding service. For the next six months they will send all my mail to the CARE center. After that, any mail that arrives will be returned to the sender. I think I’ve notified everyone about my address change but there’s always the possibility that I’ve let someone slip through the cracks.

I’ve sat at the table with several different residents and have enjoyed visiting with all of them. I’ve discovered that there are a few who were here when I was a volunteer. Sadly, several of them have passed away, one of them this week. She was just shy of her 99th birthday. I also learned that two couples who were volunteers with me are in the regular Escapees park. I hope to find them and catch up on their activities.

Another woman who had volunteered with me is now a CARE resident. It was nice to reconnect with her. I happened to mention that I had broken one of my favorite Cherokee necklaces and she told me that she would repair it for me. She has the tools for making jewelry. What a deal!

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