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I was at home all day, but not so lazy this time. I actually got the washing done, dishes done, and my room tidied. We had a problem with the drain from the kitchen sink, and I got Scott to contact the office to get help.

Later this afternoon a repairman came to help, and sure enough, problem remedied.

I also did a lot of work on my laptop, getting this journal updated. In between, I did more of my cross stitch work.

In the afternoon, I had a message from Winnie, wanting to know when we should meet to choose framing for the cross stitch I had offered her and Liao, for their new house. So we have arranged to meet at around 4pm here at the college, for me to take her on a bus to the shop. I cannot very easily describe to her how to get there. I do not know street names, or intersections, all I know is how to get there.

I was grateful for Denise sending me a message this evening, to remind me of Qianqian's performance at the kindergarten on Friday. I still do not know a time for that, but at least she has made sure I do not forget!!

Then while we were chatting, she invited me to join her and Gary for dinner tomorrow night, back at the Lotus Restaurant. So that will be lovely. I do like to spend time with this little family!!

So, although it felt like a lazy day, due to me still being in my pyjamas all day, it had actually been rather productive. Always gives a good feeling.

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