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Glenda Alexander and Mikail Davenport


This morning I headed first to Georgetown to Don Hewlett Chevrolet to have Daisy’s annual state safety inspection done. Unfortunately, she didn’t pass because of three relatively minor things: One rear clearance light was burned out, one front clearance light was missing its cover and the wiper blades needed to be replaced. The technician told me to take care of these things and return later. Then they would finish the inspection, including the emissions test.

I decided to test my luck and drive a few miles up the road to Crestview RV to see whether they had the parts and could do the inspection. Yeah!! They worked me in.

Then that’s where my good luck ended. While I was there, my refrigerator lost its ammonia. Aarrgghh!!!! The technician informed me of that as I was getting ready to check out; he said he saw the ammonia running down the outside of my coach. They did not have replacement parts or a refrigerator. I gave him the information on my Extended Service Plan. He said he would call them to see whether they would approve either the repairs or give me an allowance on a new refrigerator. He said the parts would have to be ordered and that it could take a couple of weeks. He said that he might be able to find a new refrigerator locally or in a nearby city. He will call me to tell me the verdict. I’d rather get a new refrigerator.

Once again Bruce Woodall came to my rescue. He put my frozen foods in his extra freezer (with a capacity of 100 pounds). Mikail Davenport had room in his refrigerator for some of my non-frozen foods. I’d have been in a bigger pickle without these two great guys. (Bruce helped me with this same problem in November 2006. The big difference is that, in 2006, we were close to Camping World in New Braunfels and they had a refrigerator in stock that would fit my space. It’s more complicated this time.)

Normally we would have had our usual potluck dinner tonight but, because we had thought at first that only six people would attend the campout, we decided to dispense with it. We all just brought our own little meals. As it turned out, though, some others came but it was a little too late to prepare the potluck dishes.


This morning Mikail took me for a ride on his Harley Davidson motorcycle. I rode in the side car, which was the first time I had ever done that. It was fun.

Annette Dean drove in just for a few hours and brought with her Molly, from Brownwood. They left before dinner. Another visitor who popped in a couple of times was Virgil, who is spending a week in the RV park. He recently lost his wife and his grief is still very raw.

This afternoon I called Crestview RV to check the status of my refrigerator issue. The service writer, Nick, told me that he would order me a new refrigerator as soon as we ended our conversation and that he would call me back with the details. I asked him to press them to get it to here by Monday since I live in the motorhome. He said that he would try.

Tonight we had dinner at an authentic Mexican restaurant, Medrano’s. There were many items on the menu that I was not familiar with. To be safe I ordered the chili relleno dinner.


Nick didn’t call me this morning so I called him about mid afternoon. I learned that both he and his manager had left early today. Aarrgghh!! I spoke with another man, Rick, who looked up my record and informed me that Nick had, in fact, ordered a new refrigerator directly from Dometic yesterday. However, he couldn’t tell me where it would be shipped from or when to expect it. That means I’ll be in limbo until sometime Monday.

Mikail lent me an electric cooler/warmer which operates on both 110- and 12-volt power. I have it plugged into 110-volt power tonight so it will be cold tomorrow morning. Then I’ll transfer my food from Bruce’s freezer and refrigerator, Mikail’s refrigerator and the RV park’s refrigerator to it. Quite a bit of my food has been eaten, which is good. That means that at least most of the remaining food will fit in Mikail’s unit.

I have had to serve as president this week end because our president, Stuart Whiteside, has been in the hospital for several days. We were happy to learn that he is back at home now but we really missed him. His doctor instructed him to not take his fifth wheel out or do other strenuous tasks.

Today we decided that we had enough people to make it worthwhile to prepare a potluck dinner. Everything was so good.


Route: I-35 N to Georgetown => TX 195 W to Florence => TX 138 N => US 183 N to Lampasas => US 281 S to RV park

Total Miles Driven: 92

Weather Conditions: Warm and humid

Road Conditions: Two-lane secondary roads, four-lane primary roads; 195 is a bit rough and noisy

RV Park: Boone RV Park www.boonervpark.com

Park Conditions: Large trees, very nice club house and laundry room, free Wi-Fi, level spaces, very nice and friendly owners and managers. They always leave us a large fruit basket. No other park where we’ve stayed has done that.

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