A cool ferris-wheel on the drive to Ellis Island..

Ellis Island is known for great steaks..

We had a great visit and great food...

Last one, we even got to spend a couple of days with...

After Betty's movers took the pods with all her furniture, she had until the 9th of March before her flight to Kentucky. We made the best of our time, she stayed with us in the RV. We enjoyed eating out and meeting with Kim at Ellis Island. They are known for great steaks and at a very low price. We all enjoyed the food and the company. This was the last time for Betty to see Kim before her flight out of town. We took Betty to the airport for her flight to Union on the 9th, she is staying at Vickie's until the move-in day on the 15th of March. We also had a nice surprise seeing Little Jerry this week. He flew in from Ohio to see Cameron and spent the night with us. We all had a great time visiting and catching up with family. Check back later for more from Las Vegas.

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