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Our sons, Devon and Mike Jr.

Mike with the kids enjoying a beer in Stone Brewery's gardens

Huge vats in the brewery

After 9 days of running we arrived in San Diego one week ago. We are thankful for Bruce, our crewman for joining us on the adventure. The last leg was fortunately very uneventful. After our arrival Bruce speedily departed via the train as he needed to get to the dentist. As it turns out, he broke a crown just a few days into our trip north. Fortunately, this did not become a problem. We offered to find him a dentista in lovely Turtle Bay, Baja but he graciously declined our suggestion. So he dashed home. We already miss him.

We walked and walked and shopped at Trader Joe's, which is a huge treat. Buying organic produce and fresh everything from the land of plenty. We rented a car and played tourists. It seemed odd to drive after 5 1/2 months but before you know it I was speeding along in our little VW bug rental.

Best part about the week - our sons drove to San Diego and spent the day with us Saturday delivering a 20 lb. sack of mail from our P.O. Box back home, which my mother so graciously retrieves for us weekly. The four of us drove to Stone Brewery in nearby Escondido and enjoyed some really nice brews. Mike and Devon have both started to experimenting with home brewing so it was a real treat for them to take the brewery tour at their favorite brewery. The beer, the food, the gardens and most especially the company was just wonderful. Afterward, we enjoyed some of Mike Jr.'s home brew back at the boat which was quite good. I so missed my kids! We were lucky enough to have them stay overnight onboard Blue Aweigh which allowed me to cook them a Sunday morning breakfast before they headed home.

We will be leaving San Diego headed for Dana Point, Catalina Island then on to Marina Del Rey for boat repairs. Looking forward to starting our long list of To-Do's both on and off the boat now that we have returned to the U.S. Take care.

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