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Maumelle Park - Barbara Jones & Glenda Alexander

Maumelle Park - Glenda Alexander & Jan Herbert

Historic Arkansas Museum - Roadside

Historic Arkansas Museum - Autumn: Lake Catherine

Historic Arkansas Museum - Melting Ice

Historic Arkansas Museum - White Quilt with Red Flowers

Today we traveled only 84 miles to Maumelle Park just outside Little Rock. We arrived around noon so we quickly set up camp and then had lunch at my picnic table. This is a very nice Corps of Engineers project on the Little Maumelle River. Our campsites are a short walk from the river. We'll be here for three nights.

After lunch we drove downtown where we visited the Historic Arkansas Museum. We viewed a short video before beginning our tour. There are five galleries. Currently there are special exhibitions of cameras and eyewear. There were some very interesting and unusual eyeglasses, some of them in beautiful cases. There was even a display of contact lenses. Since Barbara and I both love photography, the camera exhibit was of special interest to us. I saw two old cameras similar to ones I had as a child and as a youth.

Another nice display featured quilts made from about 1940 to1960 by Mrs. Walter Westerhaus. A white one with red flowers was especially beautiful. My favorite exhibition was of the works of Barbara Cade. She uses mainly handmade felt and papers, wool, sisal and stitchery in her creations. I was particularly fascinated by her "Melting Ice", "Roadside" and "Autumn: Lake Catherine".

We then walked to the Chamber of Commerce only two blocks away to get Little Rock street maps. The receptionist was very helpful in suggesting the best way to return to the campground in order to avoid the heavy evening rush hour traffic. She also told us how to get to the public library branch nearest to the campground.

On the way back home we stopped at the Sole Solutions shoe store. I bought a pair of black Finn walking shoes. Because they were a bit pricey, I asked for a senior discount -- and the man gave me nearly 30 percent off! My budget still complained but these are very well-made shoes and should last many years. Barbara got a pair of sneakers with burnt orange laces. She bought a replacement pair of gray laces because she thought the orange ones were a bit too bright.

Our last stop of the day was at Wal-Mart to buy a few groceries. I also looked for some BioAllers or Allernon allergy medicine, but they didn't have either brand. The pharmacist suggested that I look at Wild Oats and she gave me driving directions to the store. I'll check it out tomorrow.

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