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A stretch of coast along the south west part of the island

Rounding the west end of the island on our way to West...

Swimming off the boat

The shore close to where we are anchored

One of many dingy docks here in W End

Fosters where the Captain and I had fun last Sat night

Another night time hot spot


Sign outside Sundowners Bar, with lots of Canadians among the crowd

Calm anchorage

Henry Morgan Resort on beautiful West Bay Beach




Good night Roatan

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Heading to West End

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We LOVE West End

(MP4 - 10.25 MB)

West Bay

Our trip to West End was well worth the wait for good weather. We have been blessed with 2 days of flat calm water, light breeze and sunny skies. This weather becomes more common as the winter progresses but for now we are cherishing each day that we can stay here. If I had my way I'd stay longer than Mother Nature will allow us to, that I know for sure.

Yesterday we enjoyed snorkelling on the reef just beyond where the boat is moored. The warm, crystal clear water is perfect for drifting along in the light current watching the colourful reef fish. I followed a big black grouper for a while and watched a school of beautiful purple fish, which I haven't identified yet. I can't wait to get back out there today!

We had breakfast at one of many restaurants that offer free internet when you order a meal. I'm trying to upload a couple of little videos and will continue this update as time permits. There is far too much to do here to spend much time on the computer.

Mon Jan. ?/08

Well at least I know it's Monday. After waiting almost an hour to upload each video clip, I realized that I loaded one twice and missed the other altogether. So here goes again, back at the breakfast joint with free internet access, trying to load the correct clip and another one that I put together back at the boat yesterday.

The Captain and I got wild and crazy on Sat night, wandered up and down the main drag here in West End, a lovely sand road and stopped at a couple of places for a cold drink. Before long we were dancing the night away at Foster's, perched high above the water.

As a result yesterday was a lazy day. We swam out to the reef only to discover that it was a lot further than it looked. John returned for the dingy and as he was about half way back I found myself surrounded by jellyfish. As I tried to stay calm and swim through them I spotted a barracuda following me. Thinking that he was attracted by the sun reflecting off my underwater camera, I swam with my arm above the water, looking back periodically only to see him still following me. I called for John to come for me in the dingy but he was still swimming back to the boat. However the people on the boat moored next to us heard me and quickly came over in their dingy to rescue me. Next time we will definitely take the dingy over to the reef.

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