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Happy Birthday pretty lady!!

First and foremost, Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter-in-law, Kim. Having a great time in California with her family, where they live.

John and Darrell have got themselves in quite a project. They were going to help one of the residents here put a roof over an RV that he wasn't able to finish. They went over there yesterday to start the project when they discovered it would be a bigger undertaking than they had thought. Not enough wood, deck patio falling apart, supports in mortar not cement, and the list goes on. What they thought would be a short project may be a much longer, involved mess. I think they were a little sorry they didn't check things out prior to saying yes.

We had our friends Jerry & Don over for dinner tonight. He is gluten free so I made a pot roast with potatoes, onions, carrots and celery in the crock pot cause I knew he could eat all of that.

At first I kinda freaked out, as everything I think I make has gluten in it....love my bread. So, I looked at lots of recipes for biscuits to go with the pot roast and finally gave up and bought Bisquick Gluten Free. You know there is a reason why they put instructions on the back of a box. I did not fully read them and ended up adding veg oil to the mix instead of cutting in shortening. I then put them in a muffin pan instead of dropping them onto a cookie sheet. The rose...like I wanted. But, boy, without the gluten they would take some getting used to. Kinda bland...soooo, add lots of butter, dip in the gravy and voila...you have biscuits. Always an answer to every food question.

They are quite an interesting couple. He was in the Navy and they traveled around the U.S. on his different assignments. They came back to New Mexico when his tour was over as they both were born here. Friendly, loving and sweet. Nice, nice people. It is great to have people like them in our lives.

Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment in Silver City so we will doing a bit of touring the city.

Thanks for checking in..till tomorrow.

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