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salted cod

Another advantage to flying Business Class is that you and your luggage are first off the plane. At 5:30am the immigration officials have little to do and we and our luggage were at the hotel less than an hour after we arrived. The business class seats reminded us of some of the premier movie theaters we've been in lately. The seats totally went flat and we began to sleep, but our bodies were not ready to snooze until near the end of the flight. After breakfast at the hotel, we went to bed to finish off the night. Our driver said that Lisbon is a small city and it looks like we will be able to walk to interesting places in our free time.

The weather is perfect, shirt sleeve temperatures with bright blue skies and low humidity. A huge improvement over Florida. Our hotel room is spacious and modern with great wi fi. Our immediate neighborhood is full of banks; sometimes we have had to search hard for an ATM, but right here getting Euros is easy. A little farther away we found small restaurants and bistros with many diners eating al fresco. In about ten minutes we can walk to a long tree-lined boulevard which is a major shopping area. Typically, Portuguese streets are paved with square stones and in nice neighborhoods they are black and white and laid in artistic designs. There is a mix of historic buildings in good repair for the most part interspersed with modern ones. I love the traditional blue tile look, which the Portuguese borrowed from the Arabs. The city is very hilly. You can get a decent work-out just wandering around.

We booked a walking food tour for late in the afternoon. Walking and eating are things you can do no matter how jet lagged you are and will keep us up until it is bedtime here. We met fellow travel fanatics from all over the world; all spoke good English and we got a chance to chat with everyone as we travelled from restaurant to bar to grocery store. We were the oldest participants which seems to be happening more and more. One young couple was on their honeymoon. At each of the six stops we had some sort of wine and tapas, which the Portuguese call petiscos and I cannot pronounce properly. Their words have a lot of swoosh sounds in unexpected places. We really enjoyed the green wine, which can be white or red and is made from grapes that are barely ripe so it is not very sweet. The green wine is fizzy but not as bubbly as champagne. Each wine required a clinching of glasses and a "saude" toast. Many of the cheeses were topped with marmalade or jam. The cod fritters made with mashed potatoes were something I would order again. The mackerel was very fishy tasty, which was fine with me, but didn't appeal to everyone.

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