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CARE Main Building Entrance

Daisy and Sweet Pea in Our New Home


Cafe CARE - Bulletin Board Decorated for Mardi Gras

Multi-Purpose Room

Multi-Purpose Room - Vespers Area

Multi-Purpose Room - Portion of Library

Multi-Purpose Room - Exercise Equipment

Multi-Purpose Room - Exercise Equipment

Transportation Fleet

Thrift 'n Gift Shop - Furniture

Memory Garden

Memory Garden - Markers Honoring Deceased Members

Memory Garden - Chair Swing

Art Bourke Memorial Family Room

Art Bourke Memorial Family Room - Kitchen Area

Art Bourke Memorial Family Room - Entertainment Area

Every Saturday morning is all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast time. This morning I had two blueberry pancakes, scrambled eggs and sausages. It was a good breakfast but I’ll have to pass it by most days because that’s too much food. There’s always the option of cereal and juice.

After breakfast I checked out the exercise equipment and worked out a few minutes on the treadmill and bike. The treadmill is manual and has probably a 5% grade. That is much more taxing than the electric ones I’ve been using at Gold’s Gym! The bike has several programs but I just used the default one. I’ll try some of the other programs later. I’ll try out the two other machines next time.

After exercising I did some exploring and took a lot of photos. The weather today is perfect for just about any outdoor activity. I checked out the Family Room, Thrift ‘n Gift Shop and the Memory Garden. I donated a few kitchen items to the Thrift ‘n Gift Shop because I had only rarely used them and am now unlikely to want to use them in the future.

The Art Bourke Memorial Family Room is a small building – “A place for gathering, relaxation and Retreat” -- that is available for anyone who has several guests or needs space for a private party. It has a small kitchenette, large TV and several easy chairs. The Thrift ‘n Gift Shop actually occupies three small buildings – one for furniture and other large things, one for clothes (all pants $1.00 a pair this week end) and knickknacks and one for taking in and sorting donated items.

The Memory Garden is divided into several little special plots and one section with memorial markers honoring members who have passed away. There are also a couple of tables where people can eat.

This afternoon a couple of volunteers tried to install my tire covers but, apparently, the covers have shrunk because they wouldn’t go all the way to the bottom of the tires. They used to fit just fine. I guess I’ll have to buy some new, bigger ones.

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