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Official Mother's Day Photo



Inside the Oatman Hotel

Don told me he had planned a nice Mother’s Day for me, but would not tell me anything about it.

It began with coffee and watching Sunday Morning in bed. The second cup of coffee was liberally laced with Irish /cream, a treat my cousin Sonny got us started on. Then he said to get ready to go; “we are going out to eat breakfast.” Of course. We went to IHop and luckily got there just before the rush started. He had chicken fried steak and eggs, and I had corned beef hash and eggs.

Then we started driving. He turned onto a dirt road just off the main highway, Silver Creek Road. It was rough and mountainous, with hairpin curves and awesome scenery. We saw several vehicles coming from the other direction. We kinda wondered about that, but did see several homes tucked back into the hills also. Eventually we intersected another road, and I knew we were on our way to Oatman. We made a couple of stops to take pictures, and eventually got into town. Since it was a Sunday, and Mother;s Day as well, the town was really hopping, with people, vehicles and burros littering the streets everywhere you looked. It was a slow drive across town.

We have been to Oatman before, so nothing was really new, but fun to see again anyway. Oatman is an old mining town, with dirt streets lined with stores and businesses converted into rock shops and souvenir stores. Don got a new Oatman hat and bought me a new necklace (fire opals.) many of the stores also had burro food for sale. This is basically small compressed alfalfa cubes. Now the burros knew this was available and fully expected each and every tourist to have some. They were not above pushing their noses into pockets or purses to look for more. And could get pretty pushy about it! There were multiple signs stating that they were wild and could kick or bite, but I have never actually seen that happen. The burros are descendants of the original burros sued by miners during the early years. When the mines dried up and the men left, they just left the burros behind to fend for themselves.

We had lunch in the old Oatman Hotel. The inside was papered with dollar bills left by guests. We tried to figure out how much was there, and I guess there were thousands of dollars tacked to the walls, rails and ceiling. We split a pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw and yummy homemade potato chips. We had a short rest after we got home, then sat outdoors with a glass of chocolate wine (which we decided would be a better after dinner drink) and the kitty before barbecuing steaks for dinner.

He had planned well. It was a good day!

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