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Who's calling who weird-looking?

Bishopsbourne Lords

The soccer ball comes out

Alice gets into some skipping

Our camping spot in the car park

One of the poppy fields around Launceston - signs on the fence...


One thing we're realising about Tasmania is that you have to be a little flexible with your plans due to the weather. Sal and I had sat down last night and planned out the rest of our time here, spending a couple more days in the south east before heading up the east coast. However, when the forecast this morning said the next two days in the south east would involve heavy rain and wind, it was time for new plans.

Fortunately distances here are relatively short and so we settled on the idea of moving north with the chance of coming back south again next week if the weather improves.

Today we left Hobart and came to Launceston. Sal used our Wiki camps app to track down a $10/night place which sounded great and so we headed straight there. It was certainly an interesting place: a strawberry farm with cafe, as well as having some alpacas (all recently shorn and looking very comical as a result), a lake, and picnic and camping grounds.

Unfortunately when the manager checked the weather forecast he said there was a flood warning for the area which, if it eventuated, could result in us being stranded in the camping ground. So, other plans were required...

We ended up about 20km west of Launceston in a little town called Bishopsbourne where free overnight camping is allowed beside the cricket oval. When we arrived there was a cricket game in progress so we felt a little conspicuous setting up camp amongst the parked cars, but I guess they might be used to it. Once the game was over we had the entire oval (as well as the kids playground beside it) to ourselves, which the kids loved.

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