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Sunday we watched football and then more football. While it was being viewed I put a 500 piece puzzle together, the straps on Dick's crackers, and gathered all the stuff together to make Valentines. One more game and I could of detailed the inside of the RV.

Today we went to the Museum of History at Balboa park. We looked at Dinosaur bones, a skull exhibit, a 3-D movie about Coral reefs, and the History of Chocolate exhibit. It was fun to read about its Maya beginning, look at the artifacts, reminisce about the old candy rappers and boxes on display, and the area even smelled like chocolate. Turns out they use chocolate air fresheners. We learned this when Dick was purchasing a chocolate bar with bacon in it at the gift shop.

We ate lunch at an outdoor restaurant that was swamped with children, dogs, and their parents because it was not a school day, It was Martin Luther King Day. This restaurant specialized in odd burgers. Dick had a Penni burger and I had a grilled Habanero pepper burger. It was delicious and I can't wait to try it at home. I acquired an excellent map of park with all the restrooms and free park tram stops.

Today's train entertainment. We got an intimate discussion about a young women 's break up with her boy friend. She hated him and hoped his face broke out with a million zits. A group of skate boarders discussing the best place to "board". My favorite was a group of young men talking about restaurant work and how long it took for each of them to go from dish washer to cook . Some became cooks with out ever cooking prior to the promotion. Which is a dollar more an hour. One young man went from the kitchen to the front of the house. It was entertaining and I wanted them to name what restaurants they worked in because I would make an effort never to eat at any of them.

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