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At Christmas I always send a box to my parents. They buy what they need and want so gift giving involves some creativity on my part. Mom said she didn't need any gifts this year but no one likes a present more than my mom. She opens them as soon as they arrive so you have to time the boxes just right. This year she kept mentioning cookies and cupcakes that she was providing for various functions. I painted a watercolor ornament and put it on a card front with a poem inside that was about baking. Why? Because I sent her 10 pounds of chips. A four pound bag of chocolate and 6 bags of assorted flavors. Then wrote a chips of wisdom list on the back of the card, like the early chip gets in the cookie. She loved it but mostly the card.

The Price is Right tickets come with a three page list of rules. I have read them all. Yesterday my husband was watching the show, it's his job, and a woman was called who had on short ,shorts. She won the bid and was called up on stage and when she hugged Drew they were barely covering her nether region. I said to Dick that's against the rules. You can only wear clothing that is discrete. Sure enough when she showed up to spin the wheel she had on full length yoga pants. He will be dressed appropriately, no butt cheeks on display.

This morning we can't see the mountains. Is it fog, smog, or rain? It's like a wall between us and LA.

There is a New Years eve hat contest at the Rose Bowl outing. I have come up with a great idea and will gather my supplies today. Did you ever make a paper plate hat as a kid? Figure I can use a cardboard crown, noise makers ,and flowers with ribbon wound around the edge of the plate. This is the type of thing I think about when walking in the morning. I'll put it on Face book and you can be the judge.

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