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May 3-7, 2012 – Livingston to Karnack, Texas

I spent 5 nights in Livingston. I made it to the grocery store to fill up the refrigerator as I had pretty well emptied it before I left the Alamo Rose. I didn’t want a lot of food in it just in case the electricity at Camping World and Burt Ogden failed.

I picked up my mail at the Escapees’ post office. There wasn’t a whole lot, but I did have some bills. I spent the weekend planning my trip to Georgia. I’ve got the route laid out to go past most of the things I’ve found that I want to see. I marked the map with places to see, places to eat, state parks and campgrounds, festivals and scenic drives. Things are color coded – for instance places to see are marked in yellow; places to eat are in pink, etc. I’ve made a master list of all of them with a notation as to which book I found the information. So, each day, I will look at the towns I’ll be going through and read up on what is there so I will know where to stop. Where things are grouped fairly close together, I’ll find a campground and stay for 2 or 3 days and take the car to visit sites.

I’m camped at Backwater Jacks for the next couple of days. I’m on the banks of the Big Cypress River which served riverboats that came up from New Orleans (or the Gulf, I’m not sure which) to Jefferson which was once the biggest town in Texas. It is the river which forms Caddo Lake. I’m looking out the window at what looks like a swamp but is really the river. This a quiet campground, and it looks like most of the folks camped here are fishermen. There is a boat ramp for the use of the campers, and it looks like most of them are making use of it.

I’m going to go exploring tomorrow. I know that there is a river boat tour of both the lake and the river. There is also a paddlewheel steamboat tour of the lake, but I’m not sure whether it is operating yet as it is a couple of weeks before the real tourist season starts. There is also a town named Looneyville near here which I’m going to go to. Since most of you think I belong in Looneyville, I’m going to oblige you!

Today I noticed that the magnolias are beginning to bloom. They are about the only thing I miss about living in the deep south. I saw a few lilacs and lots of mimosas as well.

This morning I got the coach weighed. I’m still a little overweight, but not nearly as much as I was last fall. Fortunately, I can put some things in the trunk of the car which will lighten the load in the coach. Since the car is being towed 4-down none of the weight in it affects the coach.

The most frustrating thing though just proves that I belong in Looneyville. Last night, I hooked the car up to the coach so that I could be on the way after weighing in this morning. So, I got up in plenty of time to get everything else organized – unhooked from electricity and water, slides in, jacks up, etc. I start the coach motor and get out to check that the lube pump in the car really is working and double check the towing stuff. Well, the lube pump is not working. It is now almost time to be at the weigh station so I quick unhook the car because I can’t tow it if the lube pump isn’t working – cursing to myself all the time. I had had the lube pump repaired before I left Alamo so I was particularly unhappy. I drove the coach up to be weighed and started back to get the car so it could be weighed also. It was then that I realized that the reason the lube pump wasn’t working was that I hadn’t turned it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Things do work better if they are turned on. Anyway, I hooked up the car again, TURNED ON the lube pump and all was well.

It was a nice drive up TX190 to US59 through Jasper and Marshall among other town. It was about half 4-lane and half 2-lane. The 2 lane mostly had wide lanes and wide berms so that I could pull off and let faster traffic around me because I drive around 55-60 when I’m in the coach.

I hope it doesn’t rain too much tomorrow. There Is a 50% chance of rain which may curtail my sightseeing. If so, I’ll just stay another day or two. So far, the weather radio has gone off twice, but it was for the adjacent county to the north and the storms are moving away from here rather than towards me. Hopefully, it will stay that way.


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