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Lots of hay fields & cattle in the Roseburg area

There are trees along this route, too

Where there are trees - there's logging

Off the freeway & onto the Redwood Hwy

Back in CA!

Big trees!

Middle Fork of the Smith River

Redwoods Nat'l & State Parks

Pacific Ocean at Crescent City, CA

Back into the redwood forest

The northern CA coast is really beautiful!

The Klamath River - we won't know which river is which without...

Beautiful lunch spot!

Humboldt Lagoon

Big Lagoon

Humboldt Bay

Lumber mill in Scotia - it's a company town

South Fork of the Eel River - never seen it this low

Redwoods in the Richardson Grove State Park

Home again in Sleepy Hollow RV Park outside Willits, CA

You can't beat the northern CA redwoods & Pacific Ocean for spectacular views. We saw spectacular views in Canada & Alaska but these are awesome, too.

We were happy to get off I-5 & onto the Redwood Hwy. We don't like driving on freeways & I-5 is so rough! We'll take 2-lane roads & curves over freeways any day.

We made it another almost 400 miles today & it was another long day but the scenery made it easier. We're spending the night in Sleepy Hollow RV Park outside Willits - where we stayed on our first night out in April. It's a Passport America park - no frills but very nice.

One more day of driving & this trip will be over. More later...

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