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Leaving Sinton - took a back road to Plainview

Don't know what they were stacking here

Lots of pivot irrigation in this area


Plainview, TX - big agricultural area

Grain storage & an old cotton gin

You see cattle, too

Multiple center pivots

Double hitch - what are the things stuck on the corners &...

Saw some nice windmills

Big hay ranch

Getting close to the Palo Duro Canyon area

Another pretty view

North of Amarillo

Nice view

We drove by Cal Farley's Boys Ranch

Another nice view

Cows & cactus

Better view of cactus

Even in the desert they can grow crops with water - notice...

They didn't harvest this crop to feed the cattle

It did get pretty dusty later in the day

We saw oil wells again today, too

Closeup of irrigation

Dalhart, TX

Just heard the perfect description of today on the news - it was a blustery, cool day. We've put a blanket on the bed & wore long sleeves & pants today for the first time in weeks.

We enjoyed the back road drive from Slaton to Plainview this morning. We saw all the agricultural activity up close. Lots of center pivot irrigation, grain storage & cotton gins. Then as we got closer to & past Amarillo, we got into the more desert type of area but still lots of irrigation farming. And we are still in Texas so we saw oil wells mixed into the agriculture.

It was sunny & breezy when we left this morning. Clouds built up mid day & then as the winds came up so did the dust in the afternoon. We were glad we had a shorter day.

We've stayed hooked up both last night & tonight so taking off in the morning is easy.

Tomorrow we'll drive thru a corner of NM before stopping in Pueblo West for a week or so.

More later...

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