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Nicola Lake

Hayfield in the Nicola Valley

Looking back at the Nicola Valley

Peaks near the summit on the Coquihalla Hwy - 4,084' summit

Avalanche area

Great Bear snow shed - among the world's longest - nearly 1,000'

Avalanche felled trees

Beautiful mountains!

Looking back at the mountains we've come thru

Back in the US!

Neat Washington dairy farm

Cool retro Texaco station!

Mt. Baker - can only imagine how magnificent it would be if...

Hi-pressure water cannon used on hay fields

This truck got run into the guard rail - looked like everyone...

Home for the nite at the Tulalip Casino in Marysville, WA

After saying goodbye to Toni, we headed south on the Coquihalla Highway. It was a drive thru magnificent mountains! There are warning signs all along the hwy that say "High mountain road - weather subject to sudden change." Avalanche warnings are frequent & evidence of avalanches is everywhere. We drove thru the Great Bear snow shed - almost 1,000' long. (We've only seen snow sheds for trains - not a highway!)

Then we drove down into the Skagit Valley & on toward the border. We'd been told by a number of people that the easiest border crossing was at Aldergrove so we passed by Sumas & went on to Aldergrove. There was a short line but then we saw the rv & truck lane & passed a bunch of cars by using that lane. We've been thru the border several times with no problem - just answer their questions & thru you go. They asked if we had any fruit or vegetables & we said that we had some grapes & a couple of potatoes. They made us pull over & open the trailer so they could take 2 potatoes - they didn't want the grapes. Oh well, getting inspected once out of a number of border crossings isn't too bad. And it wasn't a long delay.

We saw a bad truck accident on the freeway just before we stopped today. It looked like a little yellow car ran the truck into the guard rail. The truck's left tire was pulled off the rim by the guard rail & the guard rail had been hit farther down the road so it must have taken the truck that far to come to a stop. The car looked like it was stuck to the truck. There were no ambulances there & we could see the truck driver beside the truck on his cell phone so hopefully no one was hurt.

We're spending the nite in the rv parking area of the Tulalip Casino in Marysville, WA. No hookups but a nice area. We went to the casino for dinner & it turned out that Tuesday is seafood nite at the buffet. We had to stand in line for an hour but enjoyed talking to a local couple who were in line behind us. The food was good but we were reminded that we really don't care for buffets.

We'll continue south tomorrow. Don't know when we'll next have wifi but - more later...

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