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Moving into the Texas Hill Country

We're always impressed with the rest areas in Texas

It's a pretty area!

We drove thru San Antonio at the right time - not much...

The land is getting flatter & flatter!

Nice entrance to a ranch

Lots of oil drilling south of San Antonio

They've had a lot of rain in this area & it's GREEN!

Lots of agriculture, too

Oil refineries outside Corpus Christi

Passing by Corpus Christi

There's the USS Lexington

Corpus Christi Bay

Off-shore drilling rigs being built in Ingleside, near Corpus

Houses on the bay

View toward Aransas Bay from the gas station in Rockport

Back to Palm Harbor RV Park - our home for the winter

Some views from the rv park

The camp host sign appeared at our site the day we arrived!

Now we're all set - a deck & a cart!

Our trip is completed! We made it safely to Rockport.

We had an easy drive from Kerrville to Rockport on Friday. We had to go thru San Antonio but it was mid-morning & there was no traffic to speak of. The same was true of the drive thru Corpus Christi. We enjoyed seeing the changes in the landscape from the Hill Country to the Gulf Coast. We'd forgotten how beautiful the sky is in this area. There's still a lot of - if not more - oil drilling south of San Antonio. There were lots of oil tanker trucks on the road & we saw several drilling rigs in operation. One of them was pulling the drill - at least that's what it looked like as we drove by.

We arrived at Palm Harbor RV Park about 2:30 & were quickly set up. Park hosts assist with parking rigs so Judi had to sit back & watch for once. Ha! Another park host couple had arrived just a couple of hours ahead of us & they're our neighbors. We decided we didn't want to cook in the heat so we drove into Rockport for a pizza at Panjos - our favorite. It was as good as we remembered.

People tell us we're enjoying "lovely" weather here. We're trying to adjust to the humidity. The temperature is only in the the 80s but the humidity makes it feel hotter to us. We're not used to "glistening" when you're just doing normal stuff!

Yesterday we brought a spare deck & steps to our site. We got it set up & even got it decorated. David had already been given his cart & keys & one of the part-time hosts, Lee - a friend from our previous time here - helped us move it & get everything we needed to complete the setup. We've also already been given a camp host sign to display so people know they can come to us if they need something. They operated the month of October (& maybe some of September) with no park hosts - just the managers, owners & 2 volunteers - so they're very excited to get a couple who've been here before & won't require too much training. In fact, David helped Lee move an rv into a site yesterday - & we haven't officially started working yet.

This morning we went to church. We were looking forward to hearing Pastor Scott again & he didn't disappoint. We were warmly welcomed back into the Sunday School class, too. This afternoon while we've been watching the Nascar race, we've had some rain. There were dark clouds but they passed us & then when the sun came out again it started to rain. It's rained enough to create puddles on the road. It's the most rain we've seen since we since we crossed Canada in early June but don't think it was much of a rain for this area.

Well, now that we're not traveling, our posts will be few & far between. But we promise there will be - more later...

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