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Ta Da! I got my chocolate. Yesterday, while John was glued to the T.V. watching the 49'er game, I drove into town and headed for Wal-Mart (cheap prices..an RV'rs favorite store) and I bought some chocolate chip cookies and a small (2 slices) chocolate turtle cake. Well, to my surprise one of those Wal-Mart people actually came into my line of vision and I was halted in my tracks. Here in little Benson, Arizona was a real Wal-Mart person. I know she has a great sense of self confidence to have worn the outfit she had on, and I applaud her for her flaunting what she felt we would all be in awe to see. So, there she was, about 5' tall with very black bouffant hair all gathered onto one side with a big bow. She was quite overweight wearing little black shorts, a too small halter top barely containing her ample front section and a small black shrug that was also too small. She had her cell phone pushed into her halter top, almost falling out of the top. Lots of makeup with very red lipstick. She got a lot of double takes, that is for sure. But, seriously, she had to have the balls (pardon my french) to go out looking like that, and apparently not caring how others saw her, because she knew she looked good. So, in that regard, I must say she had my admiration. Then, as I am walking to the car feeling quite excited about my chocolate purchase, is a guy dressed up like a cowboy with a tan sombrero on his head. It was huge. He was proudly walking to the store. Two in one day...and in little Benson, Arizona. Yes, Virginia,there are Wal-Mart people.

Maybe sometimes we care too much about how we look and how others will see us. Maybe we all should just strut our stuff and be proud of who we are. As your mother once said..Stand up straight, pull your stomach in and walk proudly.

Today was the same as yesterday,regarding the football games anyway. Trudged over to the showers as we cannot use ours due to our desire to be at a spot that was on the lake. To camp by the lake we could not hook up to the sewer. Well in 4 days ,we have filled up the grey water tank (the tank that holds dish water, shower and bathroom sink). There I go in my robe with my black shoes carrying my shower stuff hoping that no one would see me. Silly me...of course, half the campground came out and said "Hi". So much for being incognito. We plan to hook up and dump tomorrow so we can use water again till we leave in the next 4 days. Try not to use water...ha! It is not easy, let me tell you. Lake or not lake, we are going for full hook-ups...we can always walk to the lake.

Oh, and if you are wondering..the chocolate cake was gone as of last night. I think I can go another day or two without more, as I still have a few cookies left. Isn't that just pathetic?

Tomorrow, since there will be no football games, we are going to visit another city in the area.

For those of you in Washington, I am sorry to hear you have snow, and glad that we do not.

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