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Sunrise over the Fort Lauderdale dock area

Leaving Fort Lauderdale, on a rainy morning

The dockyards at Freeport on Grand Bahama Island

Coconut palms - everywhere!

First evening - on the beach

Hibiscus hedges were everywhere, all colours, singles and doubles.

Malcolm by the pool

The view from our patio over the pool area and beach

The Port Lucaya Marketplace, across the street from our resort

In the marketplace, after the big storm hit.

Tuesday the 15th: we had to be at our Park'n'Go lot about 5:30 in the morning, so we were up VERY early to finish tidying up, packing, and finding the lot right between the Fort Lauderdale airport and Cruise Ship terminals. We used their shuttle to get to the terminal, and went through the check-in and customs procedures. Our ship was the Discovery Sun, which was formerly the Island Princess - not too big, but fairly nice facilities. We had bought an upgrade package with our ship/hotel package so that we'd get free transfers in Freeport and better meals on the ship, so we had a personal escort through all the procedures - at least we got through a little faster. We were onto the ship by about 6:30 a.m., and it didn't leave until almost 9, by which time we'd checked in to our fancy sitting lounge, gone for a nice breakfast, explored the ship etc. The outside sitting areas were still wet after a shower earlier in the morning, but they were gradually dried off and most passengers sat outside in the warmth. We didn't take part in many of the activities available, and didn't even go in the casino - fairly expensive games only, and the trip was only 5 hours. Upon arrival in the warm, sunny Bahamas we cleared customs very pleasantly, had to wait a few minutes for our transport, and the did the small trip around the area to our resort area. We have a nice room, although not too huge, and the area is beautiful. We were very tired by the time we had arrived, so we didn't do too much other than walk around some of the complex, and across the road to the marketplace to find a place to eat a quick supper. The next morning we went to the one restaurant in the complex which did breakfast, which was in the companion resort right next door. We discovered a new favourite island dish - Coconut French Toast - we can't wait to make it for people! Then we went back to our room, got on our bathing suits, and started enjoying ourselves seriously. Have I mentioned that there are very few people staying in the complex these days? Well, between the two hotels which form this complex there are about 6 swimming pools and four little beaches, and hardly anyone on any of them. We went in the pool for a while, toasted on loungers, went in the beautiful turquoise ocean, back to the loungers, back to the pool ..... The next day (Thursday) I started by going over to the market to buy a long sundress to use as a beach cover-up, and also bought Malcolm a tropical shirt. Then we went back for more coconut French toast, and then resumed our beach life. On this day the skies were more cloudy, and there was some warm wind. The beach had some waves, and we had fun playing in the waves and enjoying how warm the water was, compared to the wind above it. We had lunch at a bar/grill hut right on the beach, then wandered over to the pool for a while. That night we wandered around the corner to the resort casino to play a few slot machines and have dinner We got trapped in the dining room when their little lounge show started, so had to wait until the end before we could leave. This morning the wind had turned into a full tropical storm, with huge winds and intermittent driving rain. The only folks outside were those who grabbed the hot tub and stayed in it all day. We went across the road to the market to do a little shopping and have lunch, and got drenched when the skies opened for good. Fortunately it was still so warm it didn't feel so bad, but we stayed inside for the afternoon. We went back across for dinner to our new favourite Greek restaurant, and now I'm back in the hotel lobby getting this journal up to date (the only place where there is wireless internet access). We've been trying out a few of the local specialties in our meals. We've both become very fond of conch (pronounced conk) fritters! Malcolm tried conch chowder (didn't like it much), and I tried broiled grouper, which was delicious! We were supposed to go on a glass-bottom boat tour of one of the local coral reefs this afternoon, but it was canceled due to the high winds. Tomorrow morning we are going on a bus tour around the island, which includes a visit to a tropical garden and to a different market. Then we have a couple of hours for a last swim, and then get taken back to the cruise harbour for our cruise back to Fort Lauderdale. Hopefully the winds will have subsided even more by then. Tomorrow night we'll just be Wal-Marting it, and then the next day will head back up north towards Cape Canaveral and all there is to see at the Kennedy Space Center. After that, back down south towards the campground we have a reservation at for Christmas, down in the Florida Keys. Hopefully the rainy season will be gone by then! If not, at least we'll be warm.

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