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The Cathedral


Downtown Varna

Huge beer in plastic bottles


Bowling in Varna, socks AND shoes provided. Style is not included.


The Black sea



Walking through the parks

Despite my misgivings Varna hasn't turned out to be too bad, I guess there must be some reason its Bulgaria's most popular destination for tourists and natives alike. Varna is a cosmopolitan hub, and the fastest growing city in Bulgaria.

I took a bus into the heart of the city and wandered into the mammoth onion-domed Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin then down towards the Black Sea, meandering through the 8km long Primorski Park. And stopped for a game of Ten-Pin bowling along the way which was great fun. The nicest bowling alley I have ever seen, not that I have been into one in the last 10 years, and they even provided brand new socks to go with the shoes!

A fellow backpacker had a rather rude introduction to sleeping in dorms with his first night ever in a 6 bed mixed-dorm here in Varna;. He was sleeping on the bottom bunk, opposite me (also on a bottom bunk) and was rudely awoken in the middle of the night by the male sleeping on the bunk above him being engaged in a solitary pursuit of pleasure that was shaking the whole bed. In combination with hearing a boisterous couple in the next room who were also thoroughly enjoying each other's company, it was all a bit much for the poor traveller who has sworn off shared rooms for life.

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