Chica's Gap Year Part II 2005/06 travel blog

The stone church on the way to Los Llanos

Andean scenery

More scenery

River in Los Llanos (full of piranhas)

I caught the piranha.....honest!

The closest I'd ever get to an anaconda

Michael got brave and the snake had a poo all over him

Lots of birds

Sunset in Los Llanos

We caught a few piranha and they tasted good

Group dinner...Pat (in the foreground) snored really loudly!

Before booking this trip I asked what was the difference between here and the Pantanal in Brazil... I was told anacondas, giant anteaters and birds. I think our guide Carlos didn't really want to be here, he may have got the job because he could speak some english but when faced with people asking him questions he didn't have the answers. I decided to try and enjoy the scenery which was flat, flat, flat as far as the eye could see.

We did see an anaconda only because another group had caught one. It was huge and I think a bit aggrieved as it decided toi have a poo over a number of people who had put it over their shoulders. The stench was awful, I had to sit on the boat behind someone who had been pooed over, I nearly bokked myself.

Possibly the best bit was sleeping in hammocks for 3 nights. I swear, even with earplugs the snoring in the hut would have measured on a Richter scale, I didn't get much sleep.

We did see capybaras though from very far away and didn't see any giant anteaters. The scarlet ibis were pretty amazing though I have to say... don't bother with Los Llanos go to the Pantanal, although there's no anacondas you get much closer to the wildlife and there's much more of it.

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