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I call it Tour de Alabama because it is just like a race to get to the southern coast!! The yellow jersey of the leaders belong to us as we speed along!! We spent another day on Highway 43, more traffic and the shoulder morphing into anything from a lovely wide shoulder with no rumble strip, to a lovely wide shoulder with TWO rumble strips and a smooth area in between, to a narrow shoulder with a rumble strip, to a white line with a rumble strip down the middle to NO shoulder at all!

But we survived! I still believe that just when you need it, little angels of positive reinforcement are put in front of us!

I had a really tough morning, very tense riding with the traffic and changing shoulders. There were certainly good periods of a lovely wide shoulder and not much traffic, but there was also the opposite. Given the opportunity cars would move over to the other lane, but because traffic is increasing sometimes they just could not move over. I did not like it!!

We were quickly approaching Mobile, knowing we have a bridge to cross ahead taking us over Mobile Bay and still trying to decide if we should stop for the day at Saraland because of impending rain or make a run for it and get across the bridge and head south to the coast. We stopped at a McDonald's to get some water and a snack and met 2 gentleman who were so interested and so positive about our trip, you just can't help but to be motivated and encouraged!!!! We had a great long conversation with them both, they shared such excitement about our accomplishment to date and I apologize, if you are reading this I quite forgot your name! But we so much appreciate all of your positive energy and encouragement! It was what I needed! The News Channel never called!

We had to get back on the road because you could see the rain moving in and the forecast is for lots of rain for the next few days. The decision of staying here or racing on was quickly made for us as is so often the case. Only 3 miles down the road the rain started lightly. It was enough for us and we sought out the closest hotel. I did not want to get caught on the bridge and have to deal with a down pour. We had also discussed stopping on this side of the bridge and crossing first thing in the morning when there should be less traffic. It is Friday night tonight, and as we got closer the traffic was increasing so the fact that the weather made the choice for us was probably pretty convenient.

We took the opportunity to go and both get the haircuts that we tried to get the other day. Being so close to Mobile, we are in an area that has many choices for everything! A great meal at Ruby Tuesday, probably the BEST salad bar in the history of salad bars! While we were inside, the rain finally hit, and hit with a great fury! As we watched te horizontal rain, it seemed a bit ridiculaous to try and attempt a run for it to get back to our room, so we sat back ordered another glass of wine and watched the rain!

I think we are going to find our own way to the coast leaving the mapped routes of the Adventure Cycling maps we brought with us. On the way back to the room, we found a map of Florida! We have not found maps in a gas station for so long so when we did, we grabbed it! Now we can map out our route and stay closer to the coast for awhile and perhaps enjoy some beach time!!

This afternoon was probably the most uncomfortable humidity we have experienced yet!! Unbelievable this afternoon as we walked outside to do some errands. When we came out of the restaurant after the rain, I was "chilly""! I think the temperatures dropped mid 80's!!!

We have some work to do and plan tomorrow's route. Thanks for checking in, no photos. Just highway riding, no excitement!!

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