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Melrose with her dinner.

What a delicious meal.

Around the very popular restaurant.

Chongqing noodle restaurant.

Chongqing noodle restaurant.

Chongqing noodle restaurant.

Zero Japanese themed bar.

Special authentic room upstairs.

Cute little decorations.

Lots of colour over the bar.

Mural painted by the owner Katie.

Today, I had things to do at home, including getting tickets for the Xi'an to Guangzhou let of our trip. Got tickets leaving Xi'an at 2:37 in the afternoon, and not arriving until 6pm the next day, so we will have more than a whole day's worth of daylight for sightseeing from the train!!

So it was quite late in the afternoon by the time I got away. I got a bus to Melrose's house. I took the pants I bought for the cold weather up north, because they are too long, and I am not sure whether to take them up properly, or simply roll them up on the outside. A second opinion would be valued.

I tried them on, and showed Melrose both options, and we both agreed that I can get away with just rolling them up! A good outcome, because it is definitely the easiest option.

Later we headed out for dinner, to a noodle restaurant Melrose has been to before. It was a short bus ride away, maybe three stops. When we got there, we went in to order our dinner. Neither of us can order, except by looking at and pointing to pictures on the wall. Melrose has enough appropriate Chinese to be able to specify 'a little spicy' or 'not spicy' for me!

When our meals arrived they looked really good. And very colourful! There was a big bowl, with noodles in broth in the bottom, and on the top was finely shredded purple cabbage, carrot, something white (vegetable!) and savoury pork mince. It was delicious, and quite filling, and a definite bargain at only 12rmb each.

After leaving the restaurant, we stood outside for a while, trying to get our bearings, and work out just where we were, relative to the city centre. It turned out we were not far at all from the centre, just down Jianshe Lu, not far past Gongnong Lu. So we decided to walk toward town, and then up Gongnong Lu, toward the river, thinking we could walk on the riverfront.

On the way, we passed a big vet office/pet shop. There was a beautiful golden retriever inside, and a very friendly big black and white cat in the window. We felt compelled to go in and talk to the animals. One of the guys who worked there spoke reasonably good English, and he said that the cat and the dog were his, but he had two cats for sale. A great big grey cat, that looked a bit like a British Blue is for sale for 2000rmb!! Wow! He did want to know if I was interested, but I said I am only on holiday, so could not take her back to Australia with me when I go. Melrose is going to pass on the business card and the address to Peter, for if he needs a vet for Hugo. It is a big shop, looks very professional, and the premises are very clean.

We kept heading toward the river, but were told in no uncertain terms that we could not walk through, so we missed the opportunity to see the road!! There is road construction going on, all along the river side, so I guess that was the reason!!

So down the other side of the street, not much business, but we did come across a lovely little Japanese themed bar. The owners are a local girl, called Katie, and her boyfriend. But business is very slow. I think their location does not help them at all.

When we got back to Jianshe Lu, Melrose headed for her bus stop, and I crossed the road and walked to a stop on the other side of the road. I am very happy to have found a new restaurant, and know that I can easily get back there!!

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