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The view part of the way up Mt Wellington

The slightly less clear view at the summit!

Pippa happy to be at the summit

The putt putt course at the caravan park

Serious stuff

What a follow through!


It felt a little like child abuse but we made the decision the next morning to drive to Hobart even with two very sick and miserable kids. Beside the lake where we were would have been just as nice a spot to spend another day convalescing but it appeared there was bad weather on the way and we didn't fancy a windy, sleepless night in the middle of nowhere with sick kids.

With an adult in between the two invalids in the back seat we embarked on the few hours of drive. They weren't happy (who can blame them?) but they really did remarkably well and we only had to stop once to empty a sick bucket ... Apart from that Sal and Pip ducked out to look at The Wall. It's basically a huge hall with a massive chain of murals from local history carved out of wood. They said it was amazing but I'll have to take their word for it as cameras weren't allowed and I stayed in the car with the young ones attached.

We booked four nights in a caravan park on the northern side of Hobart and arrived to find it was basically a cabin park with six van sites stuck up the back. No matter, as the site was okay and included an ensuite - our own toilet and bath!

When we woke the next morning (Wednesday) and neither Will or Alice were improved, Sal managed to book them in for doctors appointments later that morning. Turns out Alice had an ear infection and Will a case of raging tonsillitis. One visit to the pharmacy later and a trolley full of antibiotics, panadol and throat lozenges and we were ready to start seeing some improvement. Later that afternoon, while Alice had a big sleep, Sal managed to take out a membership at a local library so Will and Pip could borrow some books.

By Thursday morning Alice and Will were really starting to feel a bit more human again and all three were keen for another visit to the library so I took them down for a while. The afternoon was spent reading books, playing scrabble and recuperating further. The weather was pretty ordinary and so we weren't too sad about being confined to the caravan.

Friday was finally a sunny Hobart day and, with everyone well again, we decided to head up Mt Wellington. Hobart is basically a bay surrounded by hills and mountains (in fact if your house isn't situated on a hillside with water views it almost seems you are one of the few unlucky ones) and Mt Wellington is the highest of these. This means that it offers spectacular views over the Derwent estuary and Hobart but also that it is frequently covered in cloud and often ten degrees cooler than Hobart!

The kids enjoyed driving up through the clouds and looking down on top of some of them. We spent a good hour or so at the summit and caught some of the amazing views through the clouds. It was interesting to read that Charles Darwin climbed the mountain when he was here back in the 1830s and apparently seemed unimpressed, though that may have been mainly to do with his 'stupid guide' who took him up a difficult route to the summit.

Back down at the caravan park that afternoon, we used the good weather to play some putt-putt.

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