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This morning I waited in vain until about 10:00 o’clock for Nick to return my call. Then I went inside to the service counter to talk to him eyeball to eyeball but, alas, he wasn’t at work today! The man sitting at his desk checked my order and informed me that it had been placed Friday afternoon but that it would take about a week for the new refrigerator to arrive. He said that Nick had called all around the area (how big an area??) and that the only place he could find what I needed was from the Dometic distribution center in Elkhart, Indiana. Because of the ammonia, it has to be shipped via freight to avoid a fire hazard. Why couldn’t Nick have told me that to begin with? If I had known that, I would not have spent the night in their parking lot but would have returned to Austin Sunday afternoon. Grrrr!!!! I’m really close to being a grump now. :>)

When I was back in my Pecan Grove site and hooking up to the utilities, I had another unpleasant surprise. Apparently my Surge Guard has also bitten the dust. It takes two minutes after being plugged into the outlet for the power to come on. When it didn’t come on after a much longer time, I started looking for the problem. I checked the connection at the post and the breakers inside. Everything seemed alright. I decided to remove the surge protector and plug in directly to the outlet. The power came on. At least I’m thankful that there wasn’t a problem with my coach’s electrical system.


Route: I-35 S to Austin

Total Miles Driven: 36

Weather Conditions: Sunny, warm and windy

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