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We have not done much the last few days. It is COLD! 36 this morning. I walk in the morning looking like those kids in the snowsuits that can't get up if they fall down, an adult Weebel. Then as I get a couple miles in the layers come off and it looks like I am running away from home without a suitcase.

Yesterday was my worst nightmare come true. Darcy called to ask what she should bring to the Christmas pot luck ......drum roll ....because I was the table HOSTESS. No ,I told her I am not in charge of the table. She said that's what the activity director told her. We arrived at her office in under five minutes. It seems if you are signed up and take spots 1-2 on the list you are volunteering to be the hosts. We told her we had no way to cook a turkey and she said no problem, I'll give you an electric roaster, a cooler to let it thaw in, and the number of a lady who will tell you how to cook it in a roaster. Oh and you will need to stuff it and make gravy. Oh and it will need to go in the roaster by 5am. I am in dish to pass hell. This information was passed on to my mom and she laughed so hard she couldn't breath. I have manged to live my entire adult life without cooking a turkey. I thought about buying a cooked one but then what would we do with the one the park gave us, no drippings for the gravy, no place to stuff the stuffing. It also means I must call everyone on my table list and tell them what to bring. We should have just went to the buffet at the casino.

During all this turkey drama I did make 4 quilted place mats so large they require a table you might find in a castle or or a school cafeteria. One will work well as a table cloth here in the RV.

Monday was Bingo here in the park. Dick manged to Bingo on the first three games. They gave him the evil eye and I end having to make gravy.

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