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Explore and pick up Todd at airport. His plane was 2 hours late so arr at 5:30 and we had a great reunion. Went to a mall for dinner, ha! Sign of the times in Cabo...the local places were way too expensive! Drive back in the dark brought to mind our unfortunate rollover several years before since the road between Cabo and T.S. is under construction and there are very few lines and little warning as to when the road makes a diversion! Todd drove luckily since his night vision is much better.

Arrival at the beach we interupted some kids who we later learned were setting fires. We passed 2 along the road to the beach and the kids in 2 cars were turning around right at the end of the road by the dunes. We had no idea at that time that these were the arsenists but thought is strange that the 2 fires coincided with these two vehicles right down the road from where they were burning. Later, when we saw the 'Tiki' house ablaze and went to investigate we heard more about arsenists doing this the last couple weeks! Luckily, the police caught the 6 kids responsible...this we found out the next day.

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