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It is still early in the morning as I begin writing this journal entry.

Last evening, Cindy, one of our favorite staff members here at Mountaindale, dropped by the cabin, bringing a bottle of wine.

We sat together sipping wine and visiting, enjoying the company.

We slept fairly well last night but it sure will be nice to get back to our own bed. Everyone has experienced that feeling, I think.

Marilyn & I sipped some iced Starbucks coffee this morning and then took off for a walk in the beautiful Colorado sunshine.

We stopped by Ken & Jean’s to say “So Long” to Jean. We look forward to seeing these good friends again next summer.

We carried our meager possessions out to the truck, anticipating a departure today.

We will call the repair shop at 10:45 this morning to see if the parts have arrived. If they have indeed arrived, we will head for town.

We will stop to fill the truck with diesel fuel and to grab a bite of lunch before we pick up the RV, and then we hope to be on the way east toward our family.

I hope to finish this journal entry after we are parked at a campground somewhere along I-70 later this evening.

Wish us luck!


When I called the repair shop they informed me that the parts had just arrived and they were going to start putting things together right away. They gave me an estimated time that we could get away today. 3:00 PM was the time they gave me, but I hoped it would work out so that we could leave earlier because of rush hour traffic.

Alas, Murphy’s Law came into play and when we were all ready to hook up and leave, the RV battery was nearly dead.

They put a charger on it for me and we waited for awhile.

By the time I paid the bill of just over $509.00, the battery operated the jacks just fine and we hooked up.

It was 3:45 PM when we pulled away from the repair shop, driving in the stop and go rush hour traffic.

We broke many of our own travel day rules today but we had to put some miles behind us. Those grandkids are waiting!

We try to be in a campground by 3:00 PM on a travel day and here we were not even leaving until 3:45, and headed in a direction where we would lose an hour due to the time change from Mountain time to Central time.

The brakes worked just fine and the rig pulled like a dream without parts rubbing together to slow us down.

We had a quartering tailwind at first and the on-board computer showed that we were getting 14.4 mpg. Wow! That is about the best ever for towing. The wind changed to a straight cross-wind and the mileage dropped a little and then we had a quartering headwind and it fell even more, but we were very pleased to see an even 13.0 mpg for the entire trip today.

We pulled into the High Plains Campground at Oakley, KS, after dark, right at 9:00 PM Central time.

We were hooked up to water & electric in a very short time and are now doing this computer stuff to let all of you know what is happening.

In spite of the delay and a total cost to our bank account of a bit over $1100.00 for parts, shipping and labor, we are happy to be back on the road again.

Tomorrow night we plan to stay over in Topeka, KS and then drive to Hannibal, MO on Saturday. We will arrive two days later than planned but sometimes things happen.

To be on the road again, and on the way to see our kids and grandkids is a blessing.

We want to thank every one of you who sent good wishes and offered assistance in any way. Thank you Dear Friends!

Each of you are a Blessing to us, and we know that…………….

Life is Good!

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