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I said II would only ride on the busy highway 43 for one day and then try and go back to our route. But we sort of got ourselves into a position where it just didn't make good sense to switch back. We are committed now to staying on 43.

The traffic increased, but still cars and logging trucks were very good to us! The highway turned into a 4 lane divided highway and we were sure there would be a shoulder, but again there wasn't really a good one! The rumble strip took up most of the shoulder again, but we struggled along. There were 2 lanes and the cars moved over for us so it was ok. Just the constant noise and rushing cars take a toll on your nerves!

We stop where we can to get water and Burger King was in front of us so we pulled in to get some ice and water! While we were looking over our maps, a gentleman came in and said "I saw you 2 just outside of 'Mopolis and you are really making good time! When I saw you here now I just had to come and talk to you!" His name was Hindly and he came from his gas station across the street because he was so interested in our trip! His gas station has been in the family for 77 years! We chatted about everything for a few minutes until finally we said goodbye, with Hindly wishing us a very safe trip.

Our original plans were going to take us to Jackson today where we would pick up the route again, but while looking at maps with Hindly we could now see that by going to Jackson and then following our Adventure Cycling Maps, it would in fact cause us to back track to Grove Hill ! Grove Hill was the next town ahead on our way to Jackson and if passed thru it and rode to Jackson, then when we joined the Adventure Cycling maps it would take us back to Grove Hill! So we decided to stop our day at Grove Hill in about 20 miles.

The riding was going really well, hot but the breeze kept us cool and there did seem to be many opportunities of shade along the road. Incredible the difference in temperature once you are under the protection of the trees!

Once we turned off the main road highway bypass onto the road into Grove Hill, we stopped again to check for the motels we knew to be in town. So this truck stops in the middle of the road and said "Hey! I saw you guys back down the road at Thomasville, you really are making good time!" Then he made a U-turn and came over to talk! I just love that people do that! His parting words were a recommendation for lunch, the chicken salad at The Courthouse Cafe! "My mama here always makes me bring her out for one!" Sounded good to us, if Mama likes it, it has to be good! It wasn't hard to find! Had our sandwiches and re-looked at our plans!

What we decided was to go for it and head all the way down to Mobile on this highway . . .it would be busy yes, but it was just less complicated than all the other options! We filled up our water bottles with ice and water and got ready for the last 17 miles. By now the heat index was 101 degrees, but while we were actually riding, it was ok, it just didn't feel that hot, we must be getting acclimated . There were a few hills to get up, and they could be hot on the way up, but it was ok, we were doing great! Once again, off we went!

So here we are in Jackson! Good ol' Pizza Hut delivery for dinner!! Rain is all around us, but we are pretty tired and ready to call it a night! Going to make a few more adjustments to our route oncewe hit the southern coast as we want to travel along the coast of Florida as much as we can before we have to ride in the interior to get to ST Augustine.

So that catches me up. No photos today, just too much traffic and nothing really other than trees!

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