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We got up as usual, with coffee in bed. But as we were sitting there we heard sirens. Don could see the road from his window and remarked that it looked like a fire truck. Then we saw another one. And then it sounded like it was coming into the trailer park, so we got up to look out. I Saw it from my window. The trailer across the street was on fire, with flames shooting high in the air. We had seen this once before, when we were in Albuquerque. It didn’t take long to engulf the whole trailer. And sure enough, this one was fully involved in just minutes. Even with 3 fire trucks using water and foam. The fire gets inside the insulation and travels pretty quickly. It was sad. We learned later that it was a 90-year-old man who was living alone. Apparently he had turned his refrigerator on gas instead of electric, and for some reason that is what started the fire.

Not too long after the fire was out we started having electrical problems of our own. The fans in the trailer shut off, but everything else worked. Luckily I am living with an electrician, so he checked everything both inside and outside of the trailer. It worked, then quit again. He fiddled with the plug for a bit. It worked then quit again. Finally he checked the panel outside and determined that was the cause. So he plugged in to a different panel and voila! We were back in business. Good thing too, since we had to leave right away to drive to Havasu.

The folks in the dermatologist office were very nice, but definitely no nonsense. The nurse who deadened the are (my chin) had it done with just one injection, albeit a deep one. The doctor did a quick removal. Then it was cauterized and bandaged and I was sent off into another room to wait for for the results. After about ½ hour, they were back with good news, and then the area was further excavated and stitches put in. And we were on our way.

We needed to get something to eat, and we had decided NOT to stop at Walmart, until the doc gave me a prescription for an antibiotic, so it was Walmart and Subway. I have got to say, it was difficult to eat with a numb chin and lower lip and a large bandage holding everything together, but I managed.

Kitty was happy to see that we did not stay gone as lone this time. And we settled in to watch a bit of TV before bed. It had certainly been an eventful day!

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