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Hard to get used to - cool mornings but lovely blue sky days that are warm. Top little bakery up the road from the caravan park was our first stop before heading out to the archery and mini-golf centre. We had a great time learning how to do archery and then doing the 9 target course. For the record - Dad, Keagan, Mum and Brenton (who actually had some great targets but then dropped the bottom lip on a couple!) We decided to then have a game of mini-golf as a family. Some laughs, some arguments but all in all a good morning. Out to Cape Naturaliste lighthouse, 15 minute drive through some spectacular coastal scenery. The boys played a giant 'connect 4' while waiting for our tour of the lighthouse which is still working. It must have been a very dirty and hard job as a lighthouse keeper - keeping the mechanism wound every 30 minutes, carrying tins of oil to the light every 45 minutes. No wonder they only did 4 hour shifts! The light is now run by electricity and does 1 revolution each 10 seconds but the mercury lubricant in the housing means that if the power went off, the light would still turn for about 30 minutes due to its momentum. We then drove back into Dunsborough to do some shopping at the shopping centre before the 10 minute drive to Yallingup to the caravan park which is situated across the road from the beach (what a location!). The boys played on the pirate ship playground near the beach while mum and dad did some emergency washing of clothes (we had none left!) Down to the beach to watch the surfers in the freezing cold water (was to us anyway) and to watch the sun go down and for the boys to make sandcastles. A very nice white beach and safe place for children to frolic and swim (if they are game). A lovely end to a top day. School was not too far away from our mind - a bus full of students and teachers are 1 spot down from us with their tents all pitched. Listening to the conversations and banter between students and teachers reminded us of what happens on school camps and that students everywhere are all the same.

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