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Christmas decoration in a peach orchard

Peach and Pecan farm and giftshop - what a place!

Rest area at the south end of Georgia - right among the...

On the Sunday morning we headed south, towards the warmer weather. At one point we started seeing signs advertising peach and pecan plantation tourist stops, very similar to my favourite Olive Pit in California, where they sell olives and almonds. We followed one set of billboards and found and place in my photos - a huge shop with fresh nuts, produced nuts, peach preserves, and all sorts of things. We bought some products, and I left with a dish of soft-serve low-fat PEACH ice cream - it was delicious. We then continued on south, and stopped at a rest area down near the Florida border. It was the first time we had been outside the motorhome for several hours, and we discovered that the temperature had risen about 20 degrees in the meantime - it was hot and muggy. We then continued on southward into Florida, stopping only at a "Cracker Barrel" for a cheap, home-cooking style dinner - they are a huge chain down here. We ended up at St. Augustine at a Wal-Mart for the night.

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