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Getting the Oven Ready for Pizza

Putting on the Toppings

I'll Take a Couple of these Pies, please

Into the Oven

Hiking through the canyon

A View From the Top

Walking down the trail

Group Shot taken by Art

Take one handmade earth oven; add dozens of homemade pizza dough, invite park residents and guests to bring their pizza toppings and you have the ingredients to a pizza party – one of the many events that make this park so much fun. And the weather even co-operated by being sunny and warm by Benson standards. The pictures Art took tell the story.

Of course, with all this eating, what better way to work off the calories than by hiking? The next day, thirteen folks did a short 4.2 mile hike near Kartchner Caverns. Art and I hiked this trail before but I didn’t go this time since I have a cold. Although a short trail, it is a wonderful hike up, up, up a scenic canyon and down along a ridge.

On Monday we take a hike, Wednesday and Saturday we play pickle ball, where do we find the time to learn Bocce Ball? Oh, what about the exercise machines we have been meaning to use?

It has been a fun two weeks here at Benson but we’ll need to bundle up in the next couple of days since nighttime temperatures are suppose to drop into the 20s. Brrrrr....

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