Laurene's European Adventure 2006/2007 travel blog

weird architecture

the friendly alien

weird shell in the river

castle up top

neat shot

steps up

Found out from the ticket man that I had to change tains. Good thing I found out then. No problems. Got into Graz and found the hostel. It was a really far walk away. Graz isn't really all that nice. Some dark clouds were rolling in as well. I dropped my stuff off anf quickly headed out to the old town. They have this weird shell shaped thing in the middle of the river thats a cafe and a theatre. Odd. Took some pictures and then it started to pour rain. Found a supermarket and went in and got myself some dinner.

Back at the hostel after a long walk in the rain I had some dinner and did some research for the next part of my trip. Was in bed really early.

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