Our "First" geocache in Mexico

Another view

Music & Dancing

Good bye to the Americans Party April 7th..

Last the Mexican people, they are so nice..

We found our first goecache from Mexico today. It is located in the Pueble Viejo Restaurant....right across from customs. The name of the cache is : Pueble Viejo GCR10V.

We walked in and checked out the counter, you will see an ammo box inside, just ask the lady for it. She saw us looking and handed it to us before we asked. :-)It was full of travel bugs. We didn't bring any back this time, but may go back for some later.

How exciting to walk into a very nice restaurant and have good food, reasonably priced and pick up a cache. We found out about this one from our friends Pam & Randy and much appreciate the tip. Thanks guys! It's nice to walk across the border and get an easy one. Check back later for more from Mexico & Yuma.

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