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Grassy path we wandered down

The raging river

One of the little towns we passed through

Sharing the road

Tom Tom


Cog tracks

Looks like the end of the road

A village we passed thru earlier

Just breath taking

One of many tunnels

Always construction somewhere

I think "Richard" said at this point. "Turn around when possible" I...

Lovely nosiey mt. creek

We will be heading up that bridge

Just enchanting scenery

Running out of superlatives

Mountain crying

lots of tears

and even more

Almost at the top of next pass

Still climbing

Will we ever get there

You have got to be kidding me.

You can see the switchbacks below

Looke at the road we have driven up

We made it to the top

Views were incredible

and this one

the road down

Leaking mountains

The trip down

and down

and down

First look at the lake East of Interlaken

Our pitch

Tuesday, August 11th. Austrian to Lichtenstein to Switzerland

We woke to a mix of sun and clouds but before we took off for Interlaken (Between Lakes) we had to discover the source of the noise. We traipsed down a grassy forest path and found not a babbling brook but a raging river full of very noisy rapids.

With that mystery solved we headed out.

Once again we chose to take the squiggly road on the map instead of the 4-lane highway.

In spite of the sometimes treacherous road we were well rewarded by our decision.

The first pass we went up and over, Oberalppass was stupendous. The view back to the valley below was breathtaking. (see pictures)

It took us forever to climb the mountain as I kept saying, “stop when you can, there is a Kodak moment to film”. After twisting and winding our way down the other side with waterfalls, houses, barns, and ski lifts scattering the countryside we reached a very green fertile valley. Small crops of corn (cattle food) and what looked like vegetables were growing.

The trip through the valley was fairly quick before we were climbing again to the Sustenpass. There was some construction work on this road, looked like they were repairing or building the over-head protective shields of the road. The stop and go traffic gave me ample time to hang out the window and take pictures.

Once again we were climbing, twisting and turning, back and forth up the mountain. We could hear bells clanging but couldn’t see any cows, sheep or goats. Above the tree line many black sections of fence were built into the mountainside to prevent avalanches from tumbling down onto the little villages.

Toward the top it looked like the mountains were bleeding or leaking, water seemed to just trickle out of the stone.

At the top of this adventure was a very large parking lot so we took the opportunity to stop for some sandwiches and enjoy the view. Glaciers, alpine flowers, waterfalls, tour buses and people were all around us.

An hour or so was spent wandering down the mountain side to view the valley below and the road we had to take down. Yikes! Train tracks ran along the side of the road and gave us a chance to observe the cog system on this railroad.

The drive down was as exhilarating as the ride up was, only this time I was hanging on to the seat and the door handle (It’s OK the door was locked) and was terrified. Bill said, “Yah, me too”. I told Bill that I needed a steering wheel on my side to hang onto and he replied OK, but just keep standing on the brakes on my side (HA, like I needed to be reminded).

The scenery was pretty much the same on the way down as up. Waterfalls, sheds, barns, chalets, a few cows now and pastures where sprinkled over the mountain side and me screaming, “Stop, Kodak moment”.

We entered another long valley and eventually came to the first of two beautiful green looking lakes with Interlaken standing between them. Forest covered mountain ranges towered on either side of these lakes. It truly was a lovely pristine countryside.

Bill took the road that skirted Interlaken on the east side and headed up the mountain to the little Swiss town of Wilderswil. Without too much difficulty we found our campground, although; we were a little reluctant to turn into the narrow alley which “Richard” said led us to our destination.

Bill is somewhat tentative to pull down an alley to the unknown, I say, ”Storm the Bastions”, we compromised and slinked down the alley. Low

and behold there it was, we just had to pick out a spot and settle down for the night. We picked a pitch under a tree (it was still quite hot), with an incredible view up the valley to snow covered mountains.

At reception they gave us a considerable amount of reading material about the area, to keep us busy until bedtime. It did!!

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