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This morning I was up a little earlier than usual, just in case the service tech would be ready for me the first thing. No such luck. It was after 2:00 before they started installing my new refrigerator. A big fly in the ointment was that the refrigerator could not be taken inside through my 24-inch wide entry door. They had to remove the window over my dinette so they could bring it in that way. Of course that made the job take a lot longer than it would have otherwise. The total bill came to $1870.75, of which my Extended Service Plan paid all but $581.12. I was afraid it would be more than that, so I was very relieved.

On the way home I stopped in Kyle to feed Daisy at an Exxon station that honors the ExxonMobil SpeedPass. There was a KFC store at the station, so I got something to feed myself as well.

When I had finished setting up back in my site at Pecan Grove, I had to transfer all my food from Mikail’s unit to my fridge. I made the disgusting discovery that my jar of sweet pickle relish had turned upside down and leaked all its sticky juice. Yuck! Of course it got on some of the other things, so I had to wash them all off. Some dribbled onto the floor, too, which meant I had to mop. By the time I got everything cleaned and put away I was pooped.

This refrigerator doesn’t have as many shelves as the old one did, so I’ll have to be more careful about how much food I buy. I still need to get the stuff that Donette had kept for me. I hope it all will fit. I may have to buy some extra shelves.

I’m glad to be settled once more.

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