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Today was cool as well. Although things started off rough, we didn’t have breakfast til late and my dad didn’t follow through on his promise of a granola bar because he was “busy”. Things still worked out though. We went on this boat called "Maiden of the Mist", and it took us right up to Niagara Falls! We had to wear ponchos because of the spray. It’s so amazing; the falls create their own microclimate! It is really windy at the falls; the ponchos were flapping like crazy! When we went to the Horseshoe Falls, the water was so strong, even with the motor at full power, we couldn’t get closer than a certain point. We were even being pushed backwards! Finally, after the boat ride, we went to this cool restaurant called Perkin’s and ate. Very good food, and nearby to our next destination: an awesome water park! It was an indoor water park, with multiple slides and a wave pool. It had this play structure, although that isn’t a good enough word for it. It was amazing! I’m not sure your everyday water play structure has a thousand gallon bucket of water dumping on you every 5 minutes! It had smaller versions as well, and I pranked random people with it, or as one may call it, “trolling” people. I let the bucket fill up, wait for someone to come, and then dumped it on them! I actually made 2 friends using it, and they helped me troll other people. One even asked to be trolled! In the end, I let him do it to me as well. After the park, we left, crossed the border back into the US, and then drove and drove and drove… until we arrived at Cleveland where we went to the Hard Rock Café, a really good place to eat. After eating there we brought our stuff to our room at the hotel and hit the hay.

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