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Anna's Hummingbird & Honeysuckle - Medium: (Bird) One uncut square of backcoated...

Flying Crane - Medium: One uncut square of Korean Hanji paper

Scrub Jay & Nest - Medium: One uncut square each of calligraphy...

Armadillo - Medium: One uncut square of watercolor paper

Rattlesnake with About 1000 Scales - Medium: One uncut square of paper,...

Western Pond Turtle - Medium: One uncut square of Nepalese lokta paper

Stars and Stripes - Medium: One uncut square of Wyndstone Marble paper

Origami Pattern

Origami Pattern

Inge Rider

After exercise class this morning I met Inge Rider at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center to see the origami exhibit "Many Fold Manifolds" by Robert J. Lang. With a background in applied physics, he brings a unique perspective to the art. He is a pioneer in computational origami and the development of formal design algorithms for folding. His works are amazing. (http://www.langorigami.com/)

Something that I did not know is that there are both composers (designers) of original works and performers (folders) of the works. Crease patterns are composed from the major creases of the origami artwork. Line color represents the structural role of a crease; dashing pattern represents fold direction; the hue of the facets (polygons) represents their in-plane orientation in the folded form; and lightness represents its orientation in the third direction. The pattern is not a complete description of the work.

Lang composes and folds his own works and often develops his designs based on his own ability to execute those designs. He usually uses various handmade papers that provide the combination of thickness, strength, texture and foldability best suited to a specific figure.

Because most of the works were enclosed inside glass, it was very difficult to get good photos without reflections or glare. I cropped as much as I could.

We had a delicious lunch in the Circle C Café.

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