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Historic Natural Entrance

Salt Petre Artifacts

Methodist Church

Giant's Coffin

Bottomless Pit


Tour Guide, April

This morning I drove to the Mammoth Cave National Park and took the two-hour, two-mile Historic Tour. This cave is not pretty but it is interesting. Some of the landmarks seen on this tour include the Rotunda, Methodist Church, Salt Petre artifacts, Giant's Coffin and the Bottomless Pit.

The story about the Methodist Church is interesting. It seems that the local Methodist preacher had Sunday services in the cave during the summer. He was no dummy; there was natural "air conditioning" and he had a captive audience. No one could leave the service early because there were no lanterns or candles to light the way back. The pastor had collected them all at the beginning of the service!

We learned that the cave played an important role during the War of 1812. There were salt petre mining operations in the cave. During the war the product was shipped to I E duPont for making gun powder. Quite a few people lost their lives during this time and all their bodies were mummified.

There are nine cave tours ranging in difficulty from very easy to very strenuous. I selected the Historic Tour because I thought it would give me a good overview. I was not disappointed in that; we had a knowledgeable guide.

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