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Marilyn & I have been aware that we have been under a bit of stress lately. We simply did not realize the effect until yesterday afternoon and evening.

We thought that once we reached Topeka, we would call some friends, John & Lori and Sam & Rhonda, just to see if we could all get together for dinner.

While we were traveling, Marilyn had made a comment to me that she felt so sleepy and could hardly keep her eyes open.

She suddenly realized that we were doing the thing we love to do and she had begun to relax. The stress was melting away and the relaxation was taking over.

I felt much that same way, so when we were finally finished with setting up and a run to fuel the truck, both of us just crashed!

We had our PJ’s on by 4:00 PM and went to bed early. We did read for awhile before falling asleep.

This morning we didn’t roll out of bed until 5:30, even though we had more than eight hours of sleep. LOL

We shared a pot of coffee before we began to get things ready for the road.

It was 7:45 when we pulled out of the campground. We both felt good, and were happy to be on the road.

The scenery and the weather were both great as we motored west.

A motor home passed us on the interstate and the lady on the passenger side waved at us like she knew us. We saw them parked at a rest area later and still don’t know who they are. It would not surprise me if they know us somehow. That stuff happens to us all the time.

We drove 281 miles today, bucking a headwind all the way. That hurt the pocketbook a little since the computer showed that we averaged a whopping 8.9 mpg for the day. Ouch!

Yesterday we averaged 9.7 mpg and I thought that was bad.

In any case, we were off the road at 1:00 PM today. We set up without unhooking because we are anxious to get an early start tomorrow. We were sitting in a restaurant having a fine lunch from the buffet, by 1:40 PM. Of course the restaurant is right next door, so we set up and then walked over there. They have great fried chicken, roast beef, real mashed potatoes, gravy, veggies, and a salad bar with super good pickled beets.

Pie or ice cream are extra so we passed on dessert. Besides, we have several small pies we could pop into the oven, and some ice cream in our freezer.

We are now settled in and relaxing!

Tomorrow we should arrive at Mountaindale. Man, we just can’t wait! We will be getting together with Jim & Ellie, fellow RV-Dreamers that we first met at the rally in Branson, MO.

I’ll bet we have a good time with these fine folks.

Life is Good!

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