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Railway Station

Farmer Plowing

Indians on Horses

Indians and Teepees

This afternoon I drove to Toppenish "Where the West Still Lives" to see the historical murals which Eva had told me about. To date there are seventy murals around town on the outside walls of buildings -- and more are planned. Since there was constant traffic and cars parked in front of the buildings, it was well nigh impossible to get uncluttered photos.

The Toppenish Mural Society was formed in 1989 as a non-profit organization. Murals cost thousands of dollars each and the Society funds them all with donations and money earned from fund raisers. A site committee selects a wall for a project and secures the wall lease agreement. Then a negotiating committee discusses fees with the artist. The Society does regular maintenance on the murals. They apply a protective UV coating and clean, repair, refurbish and touch them up.

From Toppenish I drove on to Bellevue to spend the night at the Trailer Inns RV Park.

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