Jill and Tom's 2007 travels travel blog

A beautiful day by the sea

Pat and Zim, Tom's parents, walk to their seats

Welcome to my party, ya'll!

Father of the bride

Aunt Judy, Uncle Don and Anne's beautiful flower

Is she really going to do it?

Deb Lawson, Tom's sister, leader of the Zimlich kids and the first...

Allen Peck, Tom's longtime friend and the second reading

Anne, Jill's sister and the flower reading

A personal blessing

Come walk with me

The Zimlich side of the wedding party

Jill's gals

Smile for the camera

Hey, John...where did everybody go!?

Uncle Carl

Anne and Paige

Allen, Lydia and in the background Mick, I mean Jeremy Upstill


Kelly, Taiga, Elaine and the "Creekside Room"

Delta Psi Delta sweetheart song with Jim and college friend, Gus

Deb and Jill sharing a laugh, while Alex tries to explain the...

Shucks, they say the nicest things!

The Boys: Brother in law Tyler and Jill's cousins, Chet and Michael...

Tom and his brother David, share a beer and a laugh

So many people to talk to, so little time

Chet, once again

Anne, Jill's sister

Paige, Jill's sister and Mary share a smile

Tom and friend Morrie share a handshake

Oh go on, give us a kiss!

Jan, Jill's mom and Zim, Tom's dad share a hug

A reflective moment and an embrace

Jan give's it the thumbs up!

One last smile and...

off we go!

Dear Friends and Family....

For those of you who do not know, Tom and I 'got hitched' in Santa Cruz, California on March 31st this year. It was a beautiful day full of sunshine and celebration with a small group of family and friends. We really enjoyed ourselves and want to share a few photos with you. Enjoy!



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