Helen and Paul World Tour 2005/06 travel blog

Enjoying a glass of wine in Cafe Tortoni

Over 100 years old Cafe Tortoni in Buenos Aires

Hopped in a taxi from the port and returned to Hotel Marbella.

We ate our final Bife de Chorizo in a local cafe and polished off a bottle of vino in Cafe Tortoni, where we crowned the waiter named Denis the surliest of them all.

Took another taxi to the domestic airport in Buenos Aires to catch our flight to Iguazu Falls. As we set off in the taxi we couldn't remember the name of the airport that he needed to take us to. Going to look at the name on the tickets we realised that we didn't have the money belt on us that also had our passports in - it was still under the mattress where we had put it for safe keeping. Thankfully it was still there when we went up to get it.

The taxi drove passed a long line of people queuing up to vote in Peru's elections that were still going on - they were delayed in voting for a president due to the corruption that was going on.

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