The baby camel eating treats :-)


We made sure they all got treats..

This adorable baby followed me around for treats :-)

Getting treats from Jerry too. :-)

Cool sign!

Jacob Sheep



Golden Pheasant



A cool chicken


Miniature Donkeys

This beauty is called Xena

Info about Xena

Another view

She is a beauty and very sweet..

This poor fella appears to be blind, we gave him extra treats

The peacock family

Last one!

We had a ball today visiting the animals at the Saihati Camel Farm. They have a baby camel that is so cute and friendly. At first I saw him moving his mouth in a strange way, I thought he was about to spit on me. :-) I backed up and asked the lady at the desk about him. She said it was his feeding time and he wanted his bottle. How cute! I bought a cup of the special treats they have for the animals and fed him some, he enjoyed every bite.

The Saihati Camel Farm is a working farm specializing in the breeding of Arabian (one-humped) camels and other exotic and unusual animals and birds. We saw gorgeous Mandarin Ducks, Golden Pheasants, Peacocks and some really exotic chickens.

We also loved the Jacob Sheep. One of the babies adopted me and followed me all over the park. :-) If I quit feeding him, he would bump me for more. He scared me the first time and it was funny AFTER I figured out what it was. He was tiny but tough. We also saw one that appeared to be old and blind. He could hear us and came to the fence, I gave this fella extra treats.

They also had one of the most unusual animals I have seen. She is a cross between a donkey and a zebra. She is absolutely beautiful with stripes on the legs and some on the body. She is also very friendly and ate a lot of treats from our hands.

They had signs with warning not to get too close to the camels, so we kept out distance. One big boy was in a huge pen by himself. The rest were all mixed together. We enjoyed our time there and highly recommend to all. Check back later for more from Yuma.

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