City of San Luis

Beautiful trees in the area



The Border Crossing

Cool shopping just like in Mexico

Geocaching in Gadsden


Spanish & English

I liked the name of this one :-)

We bought 9 oranges for $2 & 3 grapefruits for $2, what...

Last one!

We did a bit of exploring today and geocaching. We visited the town of San Luis and the tiny town of Gadsden. We were looking for a geocache in Gadsden, we did not find the geocache. I am trying to use my phone for caches and it is not taking me close enough to the caches. I will be going back to using my old one.

San Luis is located on the Southwest corner of Arizona, within Yuma County. It is the border town to San Luis, Sonora, Mexico. Established in 1930, it is a U.S. Port of entry into Mexico.

We didn't cross the border, but this little town was a lot like Mexico, without crossing the border. The names on the shops were in Spanish as well as English. They have a great Walmart, it was a bit different than most Walmarts. The layout was different and they had a lot of locally grown fresh vegetables and some unusual plants etc.

We had a Subway sandwich for lunch and headed out for more geocaches. On our way to visit San Luis, we saw the unusual Saihati Camel Farm. We plan a visit back to see this cool farm. Check back later for more from Yuma. I will be adding the pictures later when my Sprint is working better.

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