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Visitor's Helicoptor on CARE Lawn

Jody & Herb Behlom, Jean Back, Bert Behlom, John Back, Bob Dionne

Bob Dionne, Vernon Rudebusch, Nina Dobyns, Tina Tyler, Nedra Duncan

Helen Crippin, Mary Lou Hanlon, Jody & Herb Behlom, Jean Back, Bert...

Nedra Duncan, Glenda Alexander, Helen Crippin

Nina Dobyns, Tina Tyler, Nedra Duncan, Glenda Alexander, Helen Crippin

Rear Deck of Restaurant

Turtles Begging for Food

Duck Coming for Food

Birds on Pier Posts


This morning a little helicopter landed on the lawn beside the Care Center. I was told that it belonged to the son of a resident. He regularly comes to visit her in his chopper.

This afternoon I listened to the regular Thursday jam session. There were ten musicians and they sang and played a variety of songs. Maybe when I get back into practice, I’ll play the keyboard that’s already in place. I wouldn’t want to participate if I had to take mine over there; it’s a bit heavy.

Today is my first "week-iversary". It's been a good experience. The staff and volunteers are all so nice and the residents are friendly. Our food is good and there is a great variety. We have a relatively new chef who welcomes our suggestions. He never serves the same thing twice during the month.

Tonight I went on the CARE bus with a group of residents for dinner at the Farmhouse on the Lake, on the grounds of the KOA Kampground on the water’s edge of Lake Livingston. The food and service were good. Someone treated all the new residents as a welcome gift. That's really a nice gesture. There were four RVs which arrived during the last few days.

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