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The lookout on the way today

Set up at Cradle Mountain caravan park - ahh the sunshine

Dove Lake with Cradle Mountain behind - a little snow on the...

The breeze was fresh!

Pippa hitting the walking trail

No wombats to be seen here...

... but one spotted on the way home

Marshmallows roasted over the fire for dessert


Refreshed from a good night's sleep, we drove towards Cradle Mountain stopping at a lookout along the way. Although there wasn't much serious rain today, there was plenty of cloud hanging around and the view of Cradle Mountain from the lookout was completely obscured. Still, we marvelled at the general landscape - how much like the Tasmania we had imagined it was. Perhaps a little as we picture parts of England or Scotland might look.

After setting up in the only caravan park near the mountain (not a cheap undertaking) and eating lunch we caught one of the regular shuttle buses from the visitor centre to the car park near the mountain. Whilst it was sunny, at least in patches, the wind whipping off Dove Lake beside the car park was icy and after a short walk Alice, Will and Sal headed back to the shelter of the walker registration hut beside the car park. Originally a glacial lake, it felt as though it couldn't have warmed up that much since. Pip demonstrated that she was over her sickness by heading on with me for about another hour to see a couple more lakes, ending up at one called Wombat Pool (no wombats in sight).

There was some snow still up on the higher slopes of Cradle Mountain and our bus driver on the way back told us there had been significant falls here even over the past week - one day they had to plow the road to get in - so it seems the snow has stayed quite late this year.

We were the only passengers on the bus on the way back and our driver kindly stopped and reversed on a couple of occasions firstly so we could see an echidna scurry away from the road and then to watch a wombat waddle across the path.

The evening cooled down very quickly and we ate our dinner in the communal kitchen, roasting some marshmallows over the fire to finish. As we went to bed we could see our breath condensing and were glad it wasn't a few days earlier in the snow. This is almost the end of spring: what is it like here in winter?!

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