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I got an IPad for Seniors book for Christmas. Trying to learn the ins and outs of yet another devise is stimulating until you find out that when your finally competent it's out dated. There is something plugged in and charging all the time. IPods, phones, computers, wifi hot spot, and maybe the toaster. ....and you thought I didn't cook.

Yesterday we took a drive to see what restaurants are near by and if any deliver. The town of La Mesa is very nice. Lots of second hand shops, restaurants, used book stores, bakeries, and even a tea room. A lot less traffic than the area we've been frequenting. Domino's will deliver to the park. Not my favorite but some nights it just doesn't matter.

The cover is off the pool and I am hoping it's a sign that the weather is warming up. It would be nice to go to the beach without long underwear, a coat, and gloves .

I just read an article by Anna Quindlen and she said "life is made up of moments like glitter in a long stretch of cement. " You must first take the time to notice, and then enjoy the sparkle. Today I will am ready to be dazzled!

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