More Adventures with Daisy 2007-08 travel blog

Horses by Fence

Gainesway Farm - Horses in Pasture

Two Horses Walking Along Fence

Vosburgh Farms - Horses by Pine Trees

House on Hill

Old Van

This morning I headed to Lexington, Kentucky to meet back up with Barbara. On the way out of town I had to feed Daisy because I hadn't done it upon arrival in Cave City. I was very glad I did because it started raining on me just a few miles out of town and it rained almost the whole trip to Lexington. For most of the trip along I-65 the sky was very dark and the rain was very heavy but, by the time I had gotten onto the Bluegrass Parkway, it started getting lighter.

I arrived at the Kentucky Horse Park Campground around 1:00 eastern time. I quickly set up camp and then grabbed a bite to eat. Then Barbara and I went on a drive in the country to see some of the horse farms. What beautiful houses, pastures and horses! The roads were quite narrow so there weren't very many places for us to stop to take pictures.

On the way back to town we saw an amusing sight, an old beat-up van with a sign painted on the back and sides reading, "This is NOT junk. It runs!"

Because of the rain this morning, the afternoon was quite comfortable -- in the upper 60s. The forecast for tomorrow, though, is back to the typical hot weather. Wish this could last!

I finally found a battery for my cell phone at the Verizon store here. I had tried at several other cities but no one had them in stock because my phone is too old. While I was taking care of this business, Barbara went next door to Starbucks to get her coffee fix.

We had dinner at the Cracker Barrel. This has become a habit lately! I had their meatloaf dinner and brought home enough for another meal. We used her new GPS unit, which plugs into the cigarette lighter. It seems to be very accurate. I'm now being tempted to buy one for myself.

After dinner we got out our travel brochures, books and such to plan for our next few stops. She entered them into her "Streets and Trips" program. It's a very handy planning tool.

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