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The walking club meets Mon, Wed and Fri at 8 a.m.

Sara from Mangoes marina, a 10 minute walk from here

Pushing his little sister in the wheelbarrow - no strollers here

Looking at photos one of the girls' printed for them, the boy...

This little guy was thrilled when I played back some video of...

Mike and the MP3s played at the Cayuco Club on Fri night,...

Being briefed about Felix at The Captain's Meeting

Back from a fuel run

Room to tie in the centre of the slip, in preparation for...

Chicken for dinner?

Fancy streetside bbq

Popular scarves like this one that I bought from the young girl...

Our neighbours Sue and Tom on Oasis II from Key West

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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Dinner out with 2 other couples from the marina

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Walking through the little town of Esmerelda

Nothing too exciting to report, just life as usual at Mario's Marina. There was major excitement a week ago when it looked for a while like Hurricane Felix was headed this way. We attended our first Captain's meeting and were briefed on the details of the 72 hour plan which we were told would go into effect the next day at noon if the storm was headed our way.

First thing the next morning, few hours ahead of schedule, the 72 hour plan went into effect as the storm was headed our way. The fist task was a fuel run on the Marina's pontoon boat, filling jugs for those who needed gas or diesel. Some boats would opt to move away from the marina before the storm and all boats wanted to be ready to move if they had to. Everyone was starting engines, testing batteries, filling water tanks and running (by dingy of course) into town to stock up on necessities like groceries, beer, rum etc!

Several unattended boats were moved out of the marina and anchored in safe places, in some cases with an armed guard sent to guard them for the duration. The boat beside us was the first to be moved, a huge relief to us as it was our biggest concern if we received any significant wind.

The next stage of the plan was to strip all the canvas off all unattended boats at the marina. We all pitched in to help, stowing any loose articles on deck and all canvas down below. In a place where just thinking about moving causes one to break a sweat this was a hot job. The decision was left up to each individual boater as to if and when he or she would strip canvas, sails etc.

We were all asked to confirm whether we planned to stay or go so that plans to space out the remaining boats could be formed. We are at the far end of the marina, in the most protected spot but some boats up by the club that receive much more wind had decided to leave.

It was Monday night and we carried on with our pot luck plans. By the time the pot luck was held at 6:30 p.m. Felix had veered south towards the Honduras/Nicaragua border. The 72 plan was quickly aborted. We hadn't taken down our canvas, being more worried about rain damage than wind. It turned out the be a wise decision.

Boats started being returned back to their slips the next day and life resumed as normal. We received a little over 24 hours of rain and the water level rose quickly during that time but the following day dawned clear, sunny and hot!

End of Felix, for us anyways on the Rio. Rio - 2, Hurricanes - O!

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