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Marilyn & I were up at 5:00 this morning. We were worn out yesterday and didn’t get as much done as we wanted, so we still had some chores to accomplish this morning.

We sat together with our morning coffee and then began getting busy about 6:00.

We were ready to roll by 7:40, but had to do our last minute “walk-around”. Each of us do this walk-around separately, so that gives us two chances to catch anything abnormal.

I noticed a fairly large puddle of liquid on the ground under the right wheel well, with a steady dripping of liquid.

It didn’t seem to be coolant but I was concerned because we did have a problem with a cracked hose which caused a leak in this same area once before.

I made the difficult decision to drop the RV at a pull through site and drive to the local Ford dealer to see if we had a problem.

The good folks at Tom Bolan Ford in Hannibal helped me right away, by inspecting the engine compartment and assuring me that things are ok. It seems to be only the A/C doing it’s job and the puddle is due to excessive humidity in the air. Embarrassing!

We were then hooked up and on our way by 9:00 AM.

We made a stop just south of St Joseph, MO, for fuel, and then continued to Topeka, KS and the Deer Creek Valley RV Park.

We were all set up by 2:30, even though the temperature was a toasty 96 degrees. e drove to Dillon's to get fuel and maybe some food.

We went inside the Dillon’s Market because they have a Deli and we hoped to pick up some good Chinese food like they used to have at the Dillon’s in Wichita.

We didn’t find much in the Deli but did pick up something for breakfast tomorrow.

We were back at the RV resort by 3:30 PM.

Our plan for tomorrow is to simply allow ourselves to awaken whenever it happens, then sit together with coffee, have breakfast, and then leave when we are ready.

We plan to spend tomorrow night at the “High Plains” Campground in Oakley, KS.

We have had a good day today. We rolled down the highway, heading toward Colorado, listening to “On the Road Again” and “Rocky Mountain High”, as well as Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World”.

Marilyn began reading her book and stopped talking to me, deep in concentration, so I took a different route, just so the GPS would talk to me.

Of course her conversation is somewhat limited. Mostly, all I heard was “Re-Calculating!”

Over and over again.

That did get Marilyn to look over and ask, "Do we have to listen to that all the way to Topeka?" LOL! Success!

Oh well, we are all relaxed, happy to be back on the road again.

Life is Good!

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